Gangsters dressed as cops, soldiers torment Clarendon

October 21, 2016
Shanique Samuels Police vests and army fatigue that were seized by the police yesterday.

Criminals disguised as police and soldiers have been tormenting residents in sections of Clarendon. Head of the Clarendon Police Division, Assistant Commissioner Fitz Bailey, said that they have received several reports of men dressed in police vests and camouflage entering the Farm and Effortville communities.

"We have heard of reports of people coming down into the community with high powered weapon," Bailey said.

The Clarendon police have taken five persons into custody in connection with the seizure of a large amount of motor vehicle parts found in a section of the Farm community.


impersonating police


Deputy Superintendent Hornet Williams says a large amount of car parts were seized along with army fatigue, camouflage and police vests and nine M16 rounds.

"Persons operating in the Farm area are impersonating police and are using the items to carry out crimes in the area but we know who they are and the police will not relent in their efforts to apprehend such persons," Williams said.

Major Basil Jarrett, civil military coorperation and media affair officer of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), told THE WEEKEND STAR that he doubts the camouflage that was recovered is the one that the JDF now use.

"Anyone who doesn't know what a soldier uniform looks like needs to come from under the rock he/she has been living under," Major Jarrett said. "We have done a major campaign last year to let the public know that we have changed the uniform."

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