J’cans flock Brazilian butt ... Doctor says everybody wants to get their assets done

March 27, 2017


Despite what seems to be a cosmetic surgery scare following several recent reports in the media of women dying after undergoing the procedure, one popular Kingston-based plastic surgeon has told THE STAR that his office gets requests daily, especially for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

"There is not a day that I don't get a request here. I would say my office does at least one [butt lift] per week, and sometimes up to three. Daily people ask if we do the surgery and how much it costs. If it was a cheap surgery, I would say everybody would get it," Dr Jan Hochtritt of Prosurgicare, shared.

The surgery costs roughly US $6,000 at his office.

Social media has been abuzz with several reports of women dying shortly after cosmetic surgery. Among the reports was that of a 32-year-old Antiguan woman, Nikisha Lewis, died on March 6 after a liposuction surgery in Miami.

A little over a week later, another woman, 25-year-old Ranika Hall of Missouri died in at another Miami-based clinic after undergoing a butt lift.

According to an NBC report, these women are among 10 women who died in the same Miami area after undergoing cosmetic surgery in the last six years.

Against this backdrop, several Jamaicans took to social media to shun the practice, and voice their concerns about the dangers of going under the knife mere for aesthetic reasons.

"What is wrong with these people? Keep calm with unu lickle piece a b***y weh unu have nuh man! Oh My God, is a b***y really worth your life?" one person posted.

Another posted "Every time me mek up mi mind fi go do mi b***y, is another one mi see dead. Mi nah bada go, mi fraid."

Dr Hochtritt said he is aware of the fears that have been raised following the multiple death reports, as his patients talk about them. He, however, pointed out that cosmetic surgery related deaths are rare especially when done properly by a professional.

"It seems to be that all of a sudden people are dying left, right and centre, which is not the case. I think the biggest reason we hear of these complications with all these surgeries right now is because there are so many surgeries done in this field. Now, everybody wants to get their butt done," Dr Hochtritt reasoned.

Despite the possible negative implications on his business, Dr Hochtritt said he appreciates that the media is reporting on cosmetic surgery related deaths.

"It's good for people to realise that this is not like going shopping and buying a pair of jeans. Aesthetic surgery is surgery that can potentially cause complications," he said.

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