Community Focus : Brighter days ahead for Scott’s Cove

November 21, 2017
Councillor Bertel Moore (right), the mayor of Savanna-la-mar, signs the MOU for the upcoming construction project at Scott's Cove. Looking on is Councillor Derrick Sangster, the mayor of Black River.

Fish and bammy vendors at Scotts Cove, located on the Westmoreland/ St Elizabeth border, will soon be able to ply their wares in much greater comfort, thanks to the signing of a recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a $15 million upgrade.

The MOU was signed between the Wray and Nephew and the municipal corporations of the Westmoreland and St Elizabeth. Under the terms of the MOU,  Wray and Nephew has given a commitment to build 20 new stalls, bathroom facilities and refurbish the bar, which are all integral to the location, which is popularly known as Border.

The upgrading work, which is wholehearted welcomed by the vendors, is slated to be done over an eight-week period, which means the location should have a new-look come early next year.

For well over 30 years, the vendors at Scott’s Cove have been earning their livelihood from selling fried fish and bammy, boiled corn and a variety of juices to passing motorists.

According to Black River’s mayor, Councillor Derrick Sangster, on completion of the upgrading work, the vendors should be able to generate greater earnings.

“This project is not only going to be a project to beautify the location but I am sure it will result in increased income for the vendors at the border,” said Sangster, who is also the chairman of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation.

“On behalf of the corporation and the parish of St Elizabeth, we want to thank J Wray and Nephew for their interest in the parish and this wonderful investment.”

Savanna-la-Mar mayor, Councillor Bertel Moore was equally thankful for the benefits to be reaped from the planned construction.

“With this project, I am quite sure that ‘Border’ will be kept much cleaner than it is today, and I want to thank J Wray and Nephew for putting this project together,” said Moore, who heads the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation. 

“As this programme moves forward, I am quite sure the vendors at Scott’s Cove will be proud.”

There is a sense of excitement among the vendors who believe the upgrade will enhance their earning power.

“I am excited, delighted and I am happy,” said Gloria Cunningham. “It is good to know that something is going to happen to further improve our lives.”

For many of the vendors, the Scott’s Cove location is more like a home rather than a place they gather daily to work and meet new people.

“I like this type of work because it allows me to associate with people and that is one of the reasons why I am not leaving here,” said soup vendor Jeffery Wyatt. “Plus, at the end of the day, I know I can make a food and provide for my family.”

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