The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Marco-Dean was D'Angel Christmas gift

December 25, 2017
D'Angel is bold in red.
In this file 2008 photo, a cheerful Marco Dean grins mischievously to the delight of his doting mom, D'Angel.


Over the years, dancehall artiste D'Angel has always celebrated Christmas with her closest family members and friends. For her, it is all about the cheer that the season brings, which includes the unwrapping of gifts and simply creating memories that will last a lifetime.

However, the year 2006 remains the most memorable one for the singjay as she celebrated the Yuletide season with a new life her son Marco-Dean Davis.

"My son was born in November, so it was his first Christmas and my first as a mother. I was over the moon. I have always been a family person, so you can imagine the joy I felt. He was and still is the best Christmas gift I have ever received," she said.

D'Angel, given name Michelle Downer, also took a trek down memory lane as she recalled the Yuletide season as a child growing up in Spanish Town.

"It was everything. My family and I would go to church first on Christmas morning, then we would go into the square and shop for toys and gifts. It was very simple, but my siblings and I were very happy. We would go to the park, and it used to have a lot of eye-catching attractions for us as kids," she said.

This year will be no different for the entertainer, as she told THE STAR that the dawn of Christmas morning will see her cooking up a storm.

"From before daylight, I will be cooking and preparing for the day that will be spent with my loved ones. After that I will head off to St Elizabeth for GT Taylor Extravaganza," D'Angel said.

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