Son killed on mother's birthday

January 19, 2018

A father is mourning the tragic death of his son, who was murdered last Monday in Admiral Pen, Kingston.

The deceased Andre Smith, 27, was killed on his mother's birthday.

Lloyd Smith, 60, told THE WEEKEND STAR that his last conversation with his son was only minutes before his untimely death.

"Me seh to Gut Man [Andre]: How you come from work so early? Him seh, 'Mah Lloyd, today a mommy birthday, enuh.' So him beg some money fi go buy credit. Me leave him and go a me daughter go eat. Me a come up a me next daughter and rain start fall, so me turn inna me yard. By time me turn inna me yard, a di gunshot dem me hear," he said.

Smith described his son as a loving person who always looks out for him. He admits that this is a hard pill to swallow after burying his first son, who died from high blood pressure, in May last year.

"Fi bury a dead the other day and come bury another one right now is not an easy road. You know why me cry? When me did sick, me son would come around and when him see me him seh, 'Daddy, you bathe?' Me answer and seh, no, and him seh, 'Well, me only can wash yuh foot, enuh, but yuh daughter haffi bathe yuh'," he said, smiling.

Now, the community is on edge after experiencing the second murder in three days.

A man known as Lamar was shot and killed yesterday shortly after 4 p.m.

Residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that the community is tense and that they are is fearful because of what has happened.


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