Armed robber only gets egg sandwich

January 25, 2018

A gun-toting robber was left with 'egg on his face' after he snatched a woman's bag perhaps hoping for money and valuables, but only found an egg sandwich and an orange.

THE STAR understands that late last week, Amy*, 54, was walking in the Braeton community one morning on her way to work, when she was pounced on by a man.

"Me walk out round 4:45 a go road when me see this man a walk a come, so me a wonder a who a walk out so early. When him get closer to me, him step up to me, put a gun on me, and try tek me bag," she said.

A struggle occurred between the two and they both fell to the ground.

"When we deh pan di ground a tussle, me see me neighbour and another man a walk a come. Him (the robber) just grab di lunch bag out my hand and run to wah car weh did a wait pan him," she said.

Despite the fright, Amy was grateful for the outcome.

"Me not even feel no way because him probably did bruk and hungry and get a nice meal that day," she laughed.

*name changed

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