Children forced to run around school

February 01, 2018


A concerned grandmother wants the Ministry of Education to do something about the teachers at a primary school in Kingston, who, she said, are subjecting children to cruel and inhumane punishment.

Daphnie said that children who show up late for school are forced to run around the school and do push-ups as punishment.

The woman said that she went to the school to speak with the principal yesterday after a teacher reportedly beat her grandniece. She said that she was shocked when she saw children running around the school and was told that they were being punished.

"Me did feel so bad for the children when me see it. Me seh to the principal that this nuh right, and me nuh like it so me a go talk to ministry about this. Him turn and seh to me, 'Unuh fi come out and gweh. Unuh and ministry can go to hell'."

THE STAR made several attempts to speak with the principal of the school, but we were told that he was not available.




Daphnie told THE STAR that her concern was raised about the school when her grandnephew came home one day to tell her that he was tired and weak.

"Him come home late and dirty, and me ask him what wrong, and him tell me seh dem mek him run around the school cause him late," she said.

She stated that she was upset because her grandnephew is troubled with asthma, and the teachers at the school were told about his condition.

Daphnie's grandniece, who is nine years old, said that whenever any child is late for school, they have to run for a long time.

"We run from 8:30 to 9:30, and afta dat him mek we do 10 push-up," she said.

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