We need justice - Point Hill resident hurt after mother's killer gets four years' imprisonment

February 09, 2018

Days after Hermalyn Bell's killer was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, one of her relatives who lives in Point Hill, St Catherine, is insisting that the court system got it wrong.

"Mi nuh think justice is served. I just couldn't believe seh a four years dem give him. Him shoulda get life. Mi never want him come back out none at all," the relative said.

Bell was at home in December 2016 when she was allegedly attacked and chopped by her boyfriend, Errol Morrison. Two of her young children watched the ordeal while an older daughter reportedly had to run to escape his wrath.

The relative, in an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR earlier this week, expressed fear that family members could be targeted by Morrison when he is released from prison.

"Everybody a seh when di four years up wah go happen? Him did come after me to, so me not even know wah go gwaan," the relative said.

The relative said that members of the family are still haunted by the horrific experience. The relative said that Bell's five-year-old daughter has been having problems coping.

"Every day she can't sleep. She just a cry. She kinda all right fi now. Teacha always a call and a seh she a cry, but since January, mi nuh get no call," the relative said.

One member of the community says that she knew Bell and was appalled that the justice system gave Morrison only four years' imprisonment.

"Mi cyaan believe this. So them basically a tell people seh dem can kill and get weh wid it. Because man wi see dis and a dat them believe," she said.

Morrison last Friday pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter in the St Catherine Circuit Court.

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