Schoolboy slapped with four charges after fighting with cop

November 23, 2018


The Kellits High School student who was in a tussle with a policeman has been slapped with four charges. The incident, which unfolded on the grounds of the Clarendon-based school, was also caught on video. It has since been condemned by the head of the Clarendon police, Senior Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell.

"There is a zero-tolerance approach to abuse against the men and women under my command in this parish. When someone tries to assault any of my officers, there is no way out. When persons abuse police officers under my management and control, it's only one way and that's prosecution and placed before the courts," she said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the grade-10 student has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, indecent language, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

"Let this be a warning for anyone in the parish. I have seen where people believe they must just provoke police officers while their friends capture it on video. Well, my officer went to the doctor, and he has a medical certificate. Any person with such intentions, they better think three times," Cameron-Powell said.




In the video, the policeman and the student are seen in a tussle before they both lose their balance and fall over a rail. The policeman is then seen on his back with the student standing over him. During the incident, other students were seen cheering.

Soon after, the situation was brought under control when another policeman intervened and pulled the student away from his colleague.

On Thursday, the school's principal, Texal Christie, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the matter was being dealt with.

"Yes, it did happen, and we are trying our best to deal with it. The policeman came to give a presentation. He saw some students who were late and spoke with them. That young man was eating a patty, and he addressed him and it escalated. We are still getting the statements together, and the board has not met as yet."

When asked if the student has a history of being violent, Christie said: "That particular student, we have had little minor instances with him. For some teachers, it took them by surprise."

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