God wants us to wear bright colours for Christmas - 'warner woman'

December 03, 2018
Eve Campbell

Jamaica's self-proclaimed 'Queen of the Gospel', Eve Campbell, says the Almighty has once again revealed the colours that should be worn during the Yuletide season.

Similar to 2017, when she said that God told her that persons should wear red, white and blue for Christmas, Campbell said that God, through a vision, informed her that his preferred colours for 2018 are red, yellow and blue.

"God said to tell the nation to wear red, yellow and blue. Persons did a wear last year colour, because mi see it; so if dem waah repeat it, dem can. God said these colours are beautiful, and he loves colours because him make flowers. I get this message to give to the nation, so I cannot keep it. Him say we must paint up the place, too," she said, adding that although the Almighty wants the chosen colours be worn, he will not chastise persons who don't obey.

The 'warner woman', who hails from Westmoreland, said God is not a fan of dull shades and hopes that everyone will brighten the nation with their outfits this Christmas.

"Dark colour will make yuh whole way dark. I don't like seeing people in full black. Him also say if people a go look work, them must wear blue because it look more 'jobable'. Him say we must live good for the year to come because there is a lack of love. If a man step on yuh toe, just gwaan and nuh bother fight," she said.

In order to carry out the work that she believes God has blessed her to do, she said she that has not had sex for more than a decade. She stated that she became filled with the 'spirit' after she got baptised in 1976.

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