Press gas! Young men make their own motor bike


January 21, 2019
Rudolph Brown/ Photographer Vroom! Mari guns the engine as he takes the bike for a spin.
Rudolph Brown/ Photographer Anthony Peart (left) and Romario 'Mari' Llewellyn are proud of their 'Cooper Bike' creation.
Rudolph Brown/ Photographer The young men also make bicycles.

Romario 'Mari' Llewellyn, Anthony

Peart and Demar Hewitt are hailed

as 'celebrities' in their Gordon Pen community.

The trio are the owners of a motorised four-wheel vehicle that they have constructed from scratch. A group of men cheered wildly as Mari showed off his 'Cooper Bike' to the news team as he revved the engine and sped up the avenue.

"We are fascinated with cars, so we watch YouTube a lot. So that's where the idea came from, and we made it last year February," he said.

Mari, 20, holds a certificate in mechanics, which he obtained from the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in Spanish Town. Since constructing the machine, the trio have been benefiting financially from their creation.

Business venture

It only takes $300 to fill the tank that is attached to the vehicle, and, according to Peart, that is enough to last for a few days.

"Them have a little fun ting on the playfield every Sunday, and mi and mi fren dem a tink say it would be a good little way to make a change for we self. We charge three bills ($300) for a ride, and one day, we make $10,000, so it's a good likkle business venture," he said.

Peart says they are fully aware that their bike will never be certified for the road, so they are extremely carefully to stay wide of the police and Transport Authority officials whenever they take it for a ride.

"Mi nuh go too far with it, but one day, mi drive it go on Brunswick Avenue to go buy a food. We really only drive around our community because God know, if police ever take it away, mi woulda bawl because is a whole heap a work we put in it," Peart said.

Mari told THE STAR that it is their greatest desire to attend the Jamaican-German Automotive School, but they find it financially challenging.

"We really hope that someone will see how talented we are and offer us some form of assistance. We also make bicycles as well, and I know that one day, I will be able to design my own brand of car. All I need is some help," he said.

Persons wishing to assist Llewellyn, Peart and Hewitt may contact them at 876-995-9882 or 876-837-8113.

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