I am heartbroken, says Ladasha’s mother

May 07, 2019
Sherlette Black
Sherlette Black

Sherlette Black says she remains heartbroken as she continues to listen almost helplessly, while her daughter, Internet sensation Ladasha 'Mackerel' Francis, accuses her of being an uncaring mother.

In recent interviews, the teenager was moved to tears as she spoke about the emotional scars she received because of her mother. She also claims that her mother never showed her love.

Black, however, said that her daughter's story is fabricated.

"Mi break down. Words can't express how I feel because I find myself even shying away from going on the road, and the road is where I make my money. Right now, I am doing damage control although persons who know me are saying that I should not let it bother me. But if only they were in my shoe, they would understand," she said.

According to Mackerel, she was forced to fend for herself and engage in sexual relationships because she was homeless and had to find a way to survive. She said that after she was thrown out of her mother's home, she lied about her age so that men would give her a place to live.

Never motivated her

She added that her mother never motivated her, but would mostly say hurtful things that would break her mentally.

Again, when THE STAR spoke with Black, she denied the accusations.

"She is my only daughter, and if it was true and I did that, I would feel bad and say that it was my duty to take care of her so she has every right to be upset. But all of what she is saying is like a script that she wrote. I keep asking God why he gave her to me for her to hate me. I never do anything except to love her, and all she is doing is resenting me," Black said.

She said that her daughter is a liar and even accused her father of sexually molesting her when she got pregnant years ago. However, she claims that Mackerel later admitted that she lied.

"She even say her father wasn't there for her, and nothing nuh go so. Based on the man I know her father to be, I don't believe it's true, and he told me it wasn't true either because we still question her and she said a nuh true. Mackerel was the one who said he touched her and then said it wasn't true because she didn't want us to beat her because she ran away," Black said.

"When she made the accusation, we were all there in front of the police. When I talked to the police, they just quashed the argument that day. I also think they did their own form of analysis that day, so he was not charged or anything," she added.

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