Weekend Escape: DaCosta Farm an unforgettable weekend getaway

August 09, 2019
Play Ground for children on the Dacosta Farms near Hartland in St.Catherine.
Ian Allen/Photographer Patrons ride their dirt bikes on the circuit at Dacosta Farm.
Patrons enjoying themselves in the Waterpark at Dacosta Farms near Hartlands in St.Catherine.
This rider shows off his skills on the dirt bike.
Patrons enjoying themselves in the Waterpark at Dacosta Farms near Hartlands in St. Catherine.
Paintball lovers engage in a game while visiting Dacosta Farm near Hartlands in St Catherine.
Paintball enthusiasts pose for pictures while visiting Dacosta Farm near Hartlands in St Catherine.

We are constantly counting down the number of days to the next long weekend. Thankfully, a quick getaway is calling, and you don’t have to wait for the next holiday to answer it. DaCosta Farm, located just off the Spanish Town exit of Highway 2000 in an area known as Fellowship Hill Run, is a must-visit attraction for the entire family.

The 250-acre property has come a far way from its origin as a fish farm and has become a lovely place to visit. Upon arrival, you are greeted by an impressive view of the freshwater fish pond and an introduction to a promising day filled with various attractions.

The adventure park, which has been in existence since 2016, has now expanded its activities to include off-road options such as trail biking and dune buggy riding. The terrain for the bike trail is very rugged with hills, valleys, and meandering corners. Persons can use the track for the entire day once they have their own bikes.

For those of you who prefer to play it safe, you can go to the other side of the property to access the dune buggy track. The 150cc dune buggies are very fast, with some that can go up to 60 mph.

The ‘catch and bite’ experience provided at the fish farm is another the way to start off a fun day. Visitors are allowed to go fishing for tilapia in the pond, after which they can take their catch to the restaurant area to be prepared or take it home. In addition to your own fish, a menu suitable for kids and adults alike is provided.

Persons can also host birthday parties on the premises, while others can come in and have business meetings.

Other activities include a kiddies’ zone, with a recently renovated water park perfect for children. The pool, being approximately three feet deep, is constantly manned by the lifeguards on staff.

There is also an outdoor bar equipped with cable, a restaurant, and more, and once the fun is done, there is a gift shop stocked with items to help you remember the fun farm in Spanish Town.

Paintballing is another attraction that will get you excited.

Overall, the experience is memorable, and it is a great group activity for families and companies that want to have fun while being competitive.

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