Half-a-million for stolen baby - Court told woman agreed to buy child for $500,000

February 07, 2020
Baby Nyyear Frank
Baby Nyyear Frank

Baby Nyyear Frank, the infant who was snatched from his mother's arms as she walked in a section of Kingston last October, was allegedly the subject of a $500,000 contract.

The Clerk of Court said in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Thursday that based on a statement given by Anniesha Ramsay, the accused baby thief, to the police, the baby was given to her by a friend.

He said that the intention of the persons involved was to arrange a payment plan, and the sum that was agreed on was $500,000.

Ramsay denied being part of any child-stealing plan and reported that she thought she was adopting the then five-week-old baby.

Ramsay's attorney reported that it was days after receiving the baby that her friend started demanding $500,000 for the child and that she had no previous knowledge that money was involved in the 'adoption'.

Her attorney, Davion Vassell, said Ramsay, who was five months pregnant, lost her child in August and was going through a state of depression because she did not know what she would tell her friends who were expecting her to have a baby.

"She started to post a lot of sad things on her WhatsApp story and one day when she posted a picture of a mother releasing balloons to the heaven to represent her baby, a friend of hers messaged to ask what was wrong," Vassell said.

According to him, Ramsay then disclosed to her friend how her pregnancy ended prematurely and that she was depressed.

Her friend later told her that he knew someone who wanted to give up their baby for adoption and she told him she would be willing.

Two months later, her friend allegedly made contact, telling her he had a baby for her and days later, delivered the child who turned out to be Nyyear.

However, rebutting Vassell's suggestions, the clerk read a statement made by Ramsay to the police where she said that her friend mentioned the cost of the baby before delivering the child.

The infant was snatched from his mother's arms after she was dragged into a vehicle on October 13.

The child was recovered at a house on Finch Crescent, off Waltham Park Road in Kingston on January 22.

Parish judge Feona Feare-Gregory denied the request for bail. Ramsay is set to return to court on March 13 .

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