DK Duncan’s daughter receives COVID vaccine

March 11, 2021
Dr Khia Josina Duncan
Dr Khia Josina Duncan

Daughter of late politician DK Duncan, Dr Khia Josina Duncan, is relieved to have received her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday.

Duncan, who is an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist, said the vaccines come at a convenient time, having endured a year of being exposed to the dangers of COVID-19.

"Especially in ENT, where we manage ear, nose and throat, we are right in the airway every day examining people ... the highest risk of all the specialities of getting COVID because the first doctor that actually got it was an ENT surgeon," she explained.

Noting the issues with getting masks and other protective gear for frontline healthcare workers, she said the Indian government's donation of 50,000 doses of vaccine is welcomed.

"We know we can still get COVID-19 but we know it won't be as severe and have less risk of getting hospitalised. I have colleagues that have been admitted to intensive care units and nurses who have died recently as well, so it (the vaccine) is a relief. It is one step going back to some sort of normalcy," Duncan said.


She admitted that she was still saddened by her father's passing. DK Duncan died last September after developing complications due to contracting the virus, two weeks after the country had a general election. At that time, COVID-related deaths were below 100 and confirmed cases were below 5,000.

"The election being called in August is always a sore point for me, because I knew there was community spread and we were in a spike and I don't want to point blame, but I think it was very inappropriate for the prime minister to call election at that time especially when hospitals were not ready to manage a crisis or a spike, and we still aren't ready," she said.

Duncan is assuring the general public that the vaccines, and the vaccination process are safe.

"The process was good, I have a little soreness in my arm but I am feeling well. I don't feel weak or dizzy. You get the vaccine and they monitor you for at least 15 to 30 minutes if you have any risk factors. This is the first step to getting the country back to normalcy. There is no microchip in my arm, there is no mark of the beast and I am not being monitored by Bill Gates. There is nothing to worry about, it is a quick process. We are grateful," she said.

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