Deejaying doctor advises J’cans to ‘mask up’

March 12, 2021
Dr Devonee Dawson
Dr Devonee Dawson

Dr Devonee Dawson of the Mandeville Regional Hospital in Manchester is urging Jamaicans to 'mask up' through the lyrics of one of his latest singles.

Mask Up by the 26-year-old surgeon, who goes by the moniker Lyrical Doctor, has even caught the attention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who shared it on his social media pages earlier this week.

The orthopaedist said he saw the need for the message to be put in a song, instead of just with 'regular talk'.

"I saw the need to reach the people in a more creative way, rather than just making a video and giving a talk. It is also a way of me incorporating my talent as well as giving public awareness on the matter of the pandemic," he said. He said Mask Up was made in his home studio recently. He posted it on his Instagram page three days ago, and the response has been overwhelming.


"I figured it would have gained some traction, with everything that is going on; but then the prime minister posted it on Wednesday and other persons began sharing it, and I am happy that the message is being circulated," he said.

Dawson has released other motivational tracks and looks towards breaking out in the dancehall industry while being a full-time medical practitioner. For him, his music is his therapy.

"I have work and a family, including a one-year-old son, so sometimes it's really early morning or late night that I get to focus on music. It is a passion for me, but so is the medical field. Music is my therapy and stress relief. I love being a doctor also, and that is also my passion. I love medicine and it puts food on the table and provides for my family," he said.

As the number of positive cases continues to climb, hospitals are running out of space. Hundreds of medical staff have also tested positive for COVID-19, causing a major strain on the health industry. Dawson, however, pledges to continue to do his best in saving lives in this stressful era.

"We were tight on resources before COVID, and now the pandemic is here and there are staff who are positive, so that means less manpower. It creates additional stress on all of us, but patients are suffering and are depending on us so, we just have to do our job as best as possible even when things are tough. The patients sometimes don't understand the system, so their frustration is taken out on the healthcare staff, but we understand and we are doing our best," he said.

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