Queenie to marry her ‘king’ this Saturday

March 16, 2021
Queenie and Dewy
Queenie and Dewy
Queenie and Dewy
Queenie and Dewy

Internet sensation/dancehall artiste Queenie Lady Gangsta is set to tie the knot with her king, Dwayne 'Dewy' Scarlett, on Saturday at Hellshire Beach.

"Right now I am getting butterflies like every three minutes. I have to be finding ways to control myself. I keep praying and it's really a good feeling. From I was little I always said I wanted a beach wedding and Hellshire is close to where I live so that is where we are doing it. Dewy lucky bad because him a get a birthday present on his wedding day," she said. "Mi always dream say mi wah married on the beach and it a go happen. Right now mi feel like Cinderella who get the prince."

When THE STAR spoke with Queenie yesterday, she was busy making final arrangements, which included purchasing a wedding cake.

"I was planning on keeping it small so I was just planning on wearing a shorts with two witnesses and go on the beach and get married, but my mother said I should get a dress so I have this beautiful wedding dress now so it's not really a mini-wedding anymore," she laughed.

Queenie stated that although COVID-19 has somewhat dampened her plans in terms of the number of guests, the pandemic may have its benefits.

Find romance

"Maybe if a never COVID mi wouldn't a become a wife. COVID come and change the world and then mi bredda dead and mi come a Jamaica to help bury him and find romance, and within months mi ago get married. A years now mi a hope fi get married and see it a happen now," she said.

There is a 20-year age difference between the couple, but Queenie said that they have barely noticed as they are tighter than two peas in a pod.

"Mi well want to get married but it look like Dewy want to get married more than me. He is so excited. He sent me a text saying that he feels like he is being born all over again. Everything is just going good. Wi feel good," she said.

Under COVID protocols, only 25 persons, including the couple, are permitted at weddings. But Queenie said all of her fans and loved ones can view the proceedings on YouTube. High on her invitation list is her mother, as well as Dewy's loved ones.

"I know there will be spectators but they will just have to keep their distance, so who ago peep through the window or draw away the coconut limb to see, but I am not responsible for those. I respect the rules so I will be following them," she said.

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