Hanover youth electrocuted on construction site

April 06, 2021
 Jordan Lysaith
Jordan Lysaith

Residents of Blackgate and Woodland, near Hopewell in Hanover are yet to come to terms with the tragic death of 23-year-old Jordan Lysaith. The youngster was electrocuted while working on a construction site in the parish on Good Friday.

Reports reaching THE STAR are that shortly before midday, Lysaith and other workmen were carrying out construction work on the roof of a house in Blackgate when he came in contact with a power line. He was badly burnt, and died on the spot.

George Lysaith, the father of the now deceased, is devastated by the loss of his son.

"My son was a very good person. He was hard-working. He was always trying to get his own things," the elder Lysaith said.

"I did't see him everyday because I have to be in Montego Bay most of the time, but whenever mi do si him, most a di time him would be going to do his construction work," he added.

Charlie Lysaith, Jordan's uncle, recalls their last exchange.

"My nephew lives on the same house as I do, and on Good Friday morning when I saw him leaving to go to work, I even asked him why he was going to work on that particular day. I nearly drop down when mi get di news that mi nephew get shock to death pon the house top, especially after mi warn him not to go," Charlie said.

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