MISSING FOR A YEAR - Dad believes daughter is still alive

April 08, 2021

For the past year, each time Carlton Smith sees an unfamiliar number calling his phone, his heart skips a beat as he hopes to hear the voice of his daughter Theresa Smith on the other end. Unfortunately, this has never been the case as the 16-year-old Donald Quarrie High School student is still missing. She was last seen on March 23.

"Sometimes mi avoid going on the road because mi feel like me a go crazy especially when people ask mi about her. Sometimes mi a walk and see persons who match her description and when mi go close mi realise say is not she and it just break mi down. Sometimes mi see students in dem Donald Quarrie uniform and mi just imagine mi baby same time in fi har. It really rough," he said.

Still working on her case

Reports from the Harbour View police in St Andrew are that Theresa was last seen at her Bayshore Park home about 10:15 a.m. wearing blue jeans and brown slippers. She was carrying a red handbag.

"We still don't hear anything but the police say they are still working on her case, so mi nah give up hope. Mi know mi daughter alive somewhere and mi nah go put the thought of she dying in my head. Every minute we get phone call and people a say dem see her at places and sometimes mi all ride mi bicycle go look and she not there. But mi know yuh have some people who just love make mischief. I know my daughter isn't where she is by choice because mi likkle girl love mi like cook food. She nah go get up and leave mi like this," he said.

He said that Theresa left home for downtown Kingston on the day she disappeared. March 23 is the birthday of one of her siblings and Smith is assuming that Theresa may have gone to purchase a gift for him. Smith said that he has also been paying attention to cases of other missing children and offers support to their loved ones. He pleaded with abductors to release their victims so they can be reunited with their families.

"When mi see how Jasmine Deen and others including my only daughter still missing, it hurt mi bad. Mi a beg dem please just send home mi daughter ... a mi only daughter and mi miss her bad. She suppose to sit her exam dem and she spend one birthday away from her family and mi nuh wah she spend the next one in captivity. Send her back home please," he pleaded.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Theresa Smith, plea se call the Harbour View police at 876-928-6001.

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