Pregnant woman punched in dispute over stolen electricity

April 16, 2021

A Kingston man has been ordered to compensate a pregnant woman who he assaulted after they had a dispute over an illegal power connection.

The court heard that Howard Daley repeatedly punched a pregnant woman on March 16. It is reported that Daley and the complainant got in an argument, after she expressed fear that illegally connected power lines could result in her house catching fire.

Parish Court Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague expressed shock after hearing about Daley's actions. She also told the complainant that she should have contacted the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) to report the illegal connection. However, laughter erupted in the courtroom when Daley responded.

Couldn't call JPS

"She couldn't call JPS because a the same wire she deh pon. It's her wire, enuh, but because somebody tell her seh me a trouble it, she come and cause argument with me. Me nuh trouble nuh wire, enuh, a work me a come from and me go buy a grabba fi build up my spliff, fi easy and cool down my nerves. Me a tell yuh straight, Your Honour," he said.

The defendant, while pleading guilty, said he did not punch the complainant. He said that he pushed her aside after her fingernails cut him in the face.

The complainant requested compensation for the injuries she sustained during the altercation. Cole-Montague cautioned Daley that he had an obligation to pay for the injuries and to pray that nothing happened to the unborn child.

Daley was ordered to compensate the complainant in two instalments of $40,000, with the first expected to be paid on May 25.

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