Cop allegedly shoots son in Duhaney Park

April 22, 2021
Investigators at the crime scene in Duhaney Park, St Andrew.
Investigators at the crime scene in Duhaney Park, St Andrew.

A policeman is under investigation following the shooting and injuring of his son during an argument on Keats Avenue in Duhaney Park, St Andrew, yesterday morning.

According to police reports, about 9:45 a.m., an argument developed between the policeman and his son. A gun was brought into play and his son was shot and injured. A woman was also grazed in the incident. When the news team arrived on the scene, detectives from the St Andrew South Police Division were busy gathering information and clues along with representatives from the Independent Commission of Investigations.

Roy Sweetness, who lives close to where the incident occurred, said the policeman is a soft-spoken and decent individual.

"He use to live at the house with his children and their mother but he moved out but is not a man who give trouble," Sweetness said. "I don't know what caused the argument this time. Normally, people have bad tings fi say bout police but mi can't say nothing bad about this one because is a good youth who use to go to Adventist church."

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