Doggie daycare - UTech graduate offers dog-sitting services

April 26, 2021
Donice Creary (left) and Nailah Bishop enjoy the company of two pups.
Donice Creary (left) and Nailah Bishop enjoy the company of two pups.
A chihuahua dog.
A chihuahua dog.

Donice Creary is a dog lover and she has turned this love into a business. Since January, Creary and her friend, Nailah Bishop, have been offering sitting services at their home in St Andrew.

"We will keep them as long as the parents of the animals want," Creary, a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, said.

The sitting service, Dream Pups Limited, currently caters to small dogs such as poodles and Shih Tzu, but Creary anticipates accommodating larger breeds in the near future.

"I just always feel like animals were my calling and I just graduated college and could not land a job. I decided to go into the entrepreneurial route. I already had some dogs so my friend and I started to sell puppies first, then we decided to go into the boarding field," she said.

Creary said that their clientele, made up mainly of persons from uptown, is slowing growing as people become more aware of the doggie daycare.

"We do dailies where the owners can go to work or run an errand and just pick them up after. We also have the drop-off and pick-up option as well, and we have a vet on call just in case one of the dogs get sick while they are under our care," she said.

"COVID has affected all of us in one way or another so we just have to come up with innovative ways in how we can stay afloat. For me it is not like a job because I really love dogs," said Creary, whose degree is in the culinary arts.

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