Young mother has hands full with triplets

April 30, 2021
Aneka Robinson with her one-year-old triplets (from left) Tavaun, Tavoy and Tavere Gordon.
Aneka Robinson with her one-year-old triplets (from left) Tavaun, Tavoy and Tavere Gordon.

Aneka Robinson's triplets are the joy of her life and the 21-year-old St James mother wants nothing but the best for them.

But she admits that it's been a challenge caring for her one-year-old boys, Tavaun, Tavoy and Tavere.

"It is really difficult for us and I have been seeking somewhere to live where my children can grow up and live a better life," she said. "I live in a one room with my sister, her three children and her babyfather. They need their own space and I need mine, so I come to MoBay to find a place to rent."

Robinson told THE WEEKEND STAR that she had to leave her job as security guard to take care of the triplets full-time as she has no one to take care of them, especially as Tavaun has medical issues.

"Tavaun was born without an anus so he had two surgeries at the Bustamante Children's Hospital where they had to make one for him. He will need one more surgery done and I also have to do monthly visits to Kingston to do checkups on him," she said. Robinson said that although she and her sons' father are not on good terms, he is involved.

"The babyfather wants to send them to Clarendon to his family. Him say them nah go no basic (school) because a waste of time. He also say no dunce not in his family and they all attended school at the age of six," she said. "I rather take care of them myself. I don't want any and anybody take care of them, especially the one who is ill."

The young mother said that she will never give up her children as she has been through too much with them.

"I nearly lose one in child's birth and I had to beg prayers from churches and pastors to keep my baby alive," she said. "They do not give a lot of trouble but financially it is a strain. I don't live anywhere and I need money to feed them and clothe them. I just need help looking after them so I can go back to working."

Persons have reached out

Robinson said that her mother is helping out with caring for the boys, while persons have reached out offering assistance. Among the good Samaritans is Karla Drummond from Booboo Babies Ja, who donated Pampers and wipes to Robinson after seeing her story circulating on social media. She intends to do some more donations in the coming week.

Arlene Moore, the boys' grandmother expressed love and respect for her daughter.

"Mi love her and I asking God to bless her and keep her. The triplets are a blessing to us," she said. "The baby them sweet and nice, especially the one mi call 'Bigs' (Tavere). The sick one (Tavaun) love when wi play 'hide and seek' and Tavoy nuh really love me."

She added "Mi want to make sure the right people is around to take care of them. Mi all want go America so mi have to help find someone suitable to help take care of them and mi daughter."

As for the possibility of having more children, Robinson said that will not happen.

"I have out my lot and I tell myself seh that three is good enough. Three is a big number so mi satisfied with them," she said.

Persons wishing to assist Robinson can contact her at (876) 363-2977.

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