#Champs2021 | Thursday's Schedule

May 13, 2021

Sixteen finals are listed for today's third day of the 2021 Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships.

Edwin Allen High School began this morning leading the girls' section while Kingston College was at the top on the boys' side.

See full schedule below:

Morning session
9:00AM 110H Dec Open Boys Event # 6
9:20AM 400M Hurdles Open Girls Prelims
9:30AM 400M Hurdles 2 Boys Prelims
9:40AM 400M Hurdles 1 Boys Prelims
9:40AM Javelin Open Girls Prelims
9:55AM 100M 4 Girls Semi-Final
10:05AM 100M 3 Girls Semi-Final
10:15AM 100M 3 Boys Semi-Final
10:25PM 100M 2 Girls Semi-Final
10:35AM 100M 2 Boys Semi-Final
10:45AM 100M 1 Girls Semi-Final
10:55AM 100M 1 Boys Semi-Final
10:55AM Long Jump 2 Girls Prelims
11:00AM Discus Dec Open Boys Event # 7
11:05AM 1500M 3 Girls Final
11;15AM 1500M 3 Boys Final
11:25AM 1500M 2 Girls Final
11:25AM High Jump 3 Boys Final
11:35AM 1500M 2 Boys Final
11:45AM 1500M 1 Girls Final
11:55AM 1500M 1 Boys Final

Afternoon Session
1:00PM Pole Vault Dec Open Boys Event # 8
1:00PM Discus 1 Boys Final
3:00PM Javelin Dec Open Boys Event # 9
4:00PM 4 x 400M Relay Open Girls Prelims
4:15PM 4 X400M Relay Open Boys Prelims
4:15PM Shot Put 2 Boys Final
4:30PM 100M 4 Girls Final
4:40PM 100M 3 Girls Final
4:50PM 100M 3 Boys Final
5:00PM 100M 2 Girls Final
5:10PM 100M 2 Boys Final
5:20PM 100M 1 Girls Final
5:30PM 100M 1 Boys Final
5:40PM 1500M Dec Open Boys Event # 10

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