Man escapes with handcuffs

May 14, 2021

A western Kingston man who pushed down a policeman and ran off, while wearing handcuffs, will know his fate on June 17 when he returns to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for sentencing.

Will Small pleaded guilty to three counts of simple larceny, assaulting a police officer and breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act when he appeared before Parish Court Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague.

The simple larceny charge arose out of allegations that Small ran off with the government's handcuffs. The court heard that Small, while wearing handcuffs, pushed down a policeman and ran off after he was arrested on March 7.

The police said that on the day of the incident, officers attached to the Denham Town Zone of Special Operations were on foot patrol in the area when they observed an illegal party taking place. Upon their arrival, they saw two men running on to a neighbouring premises. The officers reportedly gave chase and caught one of the men, who they handcuffed. That man gave his name as Will Small.

Police said that angry residents converged on the scene and demanded Small's release. It is alleged that Small, in an attempt to escape, pushed one of the officers to the ground and made his escape with the help of the angry mob. The police said they fired warning shots in an attempt to disperse the raging crowd.

In court on Thursday, Small said that he ran away from the scene only because shots were being fired.

"Your Honour, shot did a fire and me just run go over another yard fi get cover," the 22-year-old told the court.

- A.D.

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