Woman jailed for stealing boss’ money

May 14, 2021

A 21-year-old woman who admitted to stealing money from her employer spent Thursday night in jail after she failed to pay over $100,000 she was ordered to carry to court, as part repayment, yesterday.

Shantae Lee, who worked as a cashier at a Supreme Ventures outlet, pleaded guilty to larceny as a servant on February 16. She was ordered to reimburse her boss the sum of $359,000. On that occasion, she paid $80,000 in court, which reduced her balance to $269,000. She was then ordered to return on May 13 with $100,000 as part repayment. However, she only brought $30,000.

"Miss, this is all I have right now," she told the parish judge, Lori-Ann Cole-Montague. However, the judge was not amused.

"I'm going to ask the officer to take you down and you get a phone call. Ask someone to bring you some more money or I will have to keep you," the judge said.

Lee was unable to secure the money. She was taken into custody overnight and will reappear in court today, at which time she is expected to have the $70,000 to further pay her debt to her former employer.

- A.D.

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