Italian artist sells invisible sculpture for US$18,000

June 03, 2021
Italian artist Salvatore Garau | Image: Instagram/salvatore_garau

Italian artist Salvatore Garau, recently sold an invisible sculpture for 15,000 euros (US$18,000), approximately JMD 2,697,972.84.

The sculpture titled “Io Sono” (Italian for “I am”), is “immaterial” according to the 67-year-old artist, meaning the sculpture does not actually exist.

The artist is adamant that while the sculpture doesn’t physically exist, that doesn’t mean that it’s nothing.

Instead, he prefers to think of it as a vacuum.

"The vacuum is nothing more than a space full of energy, and even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, that 'nothing' has a weight. Therefore, it has energy that is condensed and transformed into particles, that is, into us," Garau told news reporters. 

According to Italy 24 News, Garau instructed that the sculpture must be displayed in a private home free from any obstruction, in an area that is about 5 ft. long by 5 ft. wide. Because the piece does not exist, there are no special lighting or climate requirements.

The buyer will reportedly receive a certificate of authentication that will be signed and stamped by Garau. 

This is not the first immaterial sculpture that Garau has created, although it is reportedly the first that he has sold.

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