Lupus fighter seeks help to fix gaping leg wound

June 16, 2021
Rejeen Morrison
Rejeen Morrison
The wound on Morrison’s leg has to be dressed twice daily and is causing her great discomfort.
The wound on Morrison’s leg has to be dressed twice daily and is causing her great discomfort.

Prior to July 2018, Rejeen Morrison lived a normal life and was only ever admitted to a medical facility when she was giving birth to her now eight-year-old daughter.

But now she is battling a series of ailments including lupus, steroid-induced diabetes and hypertension and seizures.

"I was okay, I just woke up one morning and noticed that my eyes were yellow and my urine had a greenish colour and when I went to the doctor and did a series of test, they weren't sure what to diagnose me with so I was being treated for an autoimmune disease," she said.

Soon after, Morrison, 26, found out that her liver was failing and she has been in and out of hospital since. Sufferers of lupus are more prone to abscesses, and one on her leg is causing her much distress.

"In March of this year, I had to do another surgery to remove pus from the abscess on my leg but I developed a cough and a fever and I was tested positive for COVID-19. So I woke up from surgery on the COVID ward and it was then that I saw this huge wound in my leg and I literally passed out," she said. Morrison explained that she was told that while doctors were removing the pus, a scan of the leg showed that it was thicker than anticipated.

She told THE STAR that she was initially supposed to do skin grafts. However, due to issues that arose while being hospitalised, that is no longer an option. As a result, she is seeking the public's assistance in raising US$8,000 (approximately J$1.2 million) needed to facilitate plastic surgeries for her thigh, artificial grafts that have to be done after further tests, and for pharmaceutical expenses. A GoFundMe account has so far raised a little over US$6,000.

Persons wishing to assist Rejeen Morrison may contact her at 876 843 2916 or donate at

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