Teen fights off cop at court

June 23, 2021

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague yesterday pledged to make an example out of a foul-mouthed teenager who, among other things, wrestled with a policewoman in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

The teen, Ernest Trail, was at the courthouse to answer charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and his bad behaviour saw him being slapped with additional charges of resisting arrest, escaping custody, malicious destruction of property, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, use of abusive and calumnious language and disorderly conduct.

Trail, 19, was standing on the outside of one of the courtrooms when he asked a policewoman whether his name was on the court's list for mention. Displeased with the response, Trail allegedly responded: "Ugly like yuh big p*$#y mumma, gal."

The policewoman told him that he would be arrested for abusive and calumnious language. Trail was captured on video flashing off the cop's hands as she escorted him to the holding cell.

That mouth needs bleach

A tussle ensued and Trail grabbed at the cop's uniform, causing some buttons on her blouse to break. Another female cop intervened but was left barefooted as her shoes were damaged by the teenager. Cole-Montague, having seen the video, was not amused. "That mouth needs bleach," she told Trail.

"How dare you come to the courthouse and behave in the manner that you did? How dare you! I'm going to make an example out of you, young man, because I have to send a message," the judge said.

"This is one place that people must respect. I know there are some police that are extra and sometimes abuse people, and this is not to say that police must be abusive, but did the police tell you about your mother? Did she tell you that you are ugly or that sort of thing?"

The youngster said no. He also said that he is told about his mother regularly. Cole-Montague made her position clear.

"Too much things a circulate with people a come courthouse and a behave like is market. This is not Coronation Market... this is a court of law, and people are to behave themselves accordingly, and I making an example out of you. You are going to apologise to the officer and apologise to me," Cole-Montague said. Trail looked at the cop and said "I am sorry".

Cole-Montague ordered Trail to compensate the police officer of $60,000. Trail's mother, who looked on in disappointment as he stood in the prisoner's dock, paid $35,000 on his behalf.

Before her son was taken from the courtroom, the judge allowed her to say goodbye. She whispered a prayer and gave him a kiss before he was placed in handcuffs and taken away. She also pleaded with the judge to release him from custody before his 20th birthday, which is July 7.

Cole-Montague obliged and ordered Trail to return to court on July 5 for sentencing. He is also expected to pay the remaining $25,000 in compensation.

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