Female cops clash at station - Police love triangle turns ugly

July 28, 2021
Franklyn Town Police Station.
Franklyn Town Police Station.

A love triangle involving members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) turned ugly yesterday following altercations involving a male constable and two female cops, both of whom are said to have borne a child for him.

One of the females, who is assigned to a specialised unit of the force, was allegedly shot by the male constable with whom she was having a romantic relationship. Her injury is not considered life-threatening.

The bizarre series of events, which culminated with the cop being injured, began at a police station in the Corporate Area, and continued to Old Harbour in St Catherine, just after midnight when the male cop, who is part of an elite unit, reportedly pulled his weapon and fired three shots.

A "preliminary" report seen by THE STAR indicates that the male cop, who is on vacation leave, went to the Franklyn Town Police Station in East Kingston where he was visited by one of the female constables. While they were there, the other female cop showed up, and from there things got ugly.

Pepper spraying

"A dispute developed between all three, which resulted in [female cop who arrived last] pepper spraying [the other female cop]," the report said.

The dispute was quelled and all three cops left the station.

However, some time later, according to reports, the male cop met up with the female constable who had been pepper-sprayed and drove her to her St Catherine home, only to find the other female cop in a car parked at the gate.

It is reported that the male cop and the female cop, who had been pepper-sprayed left and headed to the Old Harbour Police Station, but were followed by the third cop.

THE STAR understands that after they arrived at the station, the male police noticed that a car being driven by the other female cop approached in a threatening manner. He reportedly pulled his firearm and fired three rounds into the the ground. The female cop who was driving the car towards him reportedly brought the vehicle to a stop and then said that she was hurt. She later drove to the Spanish Town Hospital for treatment.

The Independent Commission of Investigations has launched a probe into the incident.

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