Heavy rain leaves family homeless again

August 19, 2021
The place Leisha Burchell and her children call home.
The place Leisha Burchell and her children call home.
Leisha Burchell
Leisha Burchell

Thirty-four-year old Leisha Burchell of Friendship, Trelawny, a mother of four, is in need of a place to live.

On May 23, the home she lived in with her children, ages 16, 12, 10 and three, was gutted by fire of unknown origin.

"Mi did gone a work and mi children dem neva deh ya. Neighbours called to tell mi bout di fire. Wen mi go deh every ting bun dung flat," she recounted. Determined not to get disheartened, she was given a piece of land where she built a shed to house the family. But tragedy again struck on Tuesday with heavy rains and wind caused by Tropical Storm Grace.

"Yesterday (Tuesday) when de rain start fall every ting wet up. So mi guh dung a mi baby fada an' one tree drap dung pon it. Lawd God mi salt," she moaned. Since the fire she has sought help to construct a solid building.

Help has come from Muschett High School where her eldest child attends. The Optimist Club of Falmouth, through its president, Natanish Hines, is also lending a hand. Burchell has gone to Food For The Poor for help.

"Dem willing fi help but mi nuh have no document fi di land so dem caan help," she moaned. She is appealing to anyone, including the member of parliament for North Trelawny, Tova Hamilton, from whom she can get help. Already she has been able to get some help to start construction but needs more.

"Mi a beg help so mi an de pickney dem caan sleep a night," she appealed.

Persons seeking to assist can contact Burchell at 876-418-1276

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