Head of missing man found - Senior cop says he was a violence producer

October 25, 2021
Sherrod ‘Yannie’ Holness
Sherrod ‘Yannie’ Holness

Detectives in the St Andrew South Division are probing the circumstances behind the mysterious discovery of a man's head, confirmed to be that of 41-year-old Sherrod 'Yannie' Holness, who cops said is a major violence producer in the gritty Sherlock Crescent, Kingston 20, community.

Senior Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, head of the police division, told THE STAR yesterday that Holness' head was discovered by residents at the back of a building. It was wrapped up in several pieces of clothing.

A missing person's report was filed for Holness, at the Spanish Town Police Station, hours before the discovery of his head.

The police believe that Holness was killed in Spanish Town, St Catherine, and his head taken to Sherlock Crescent to send a message to his cronies.

"We know that he was a strong man in the space and for sometime we tried to have a sit-down with but he had been displaced from the area for a while due to the threats," Ricketts said.

"He's a person of interest to us. I would call him a violence producer. He is known as a strong man within the Sherlock community, albeit that he was somewhat displaced."

The senior crime-fighter said that at least two persons who were part of Holness' inner-circle have been murdered in recent times.

"We believe that these killings are reprisals for an earlier murder that took place up in the year, in which persons associated with the victim had marked them for death," Ricketts said.

Meanwhile, residents in the community - mystified by the discovery - have expressed fear that Holness' death may trigger more violence.

According to one resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, there have already been talks of revenge.

"After dem find him head a baay things mi a hear a talk seh dis and dat a guh happen, so right now mi just a guh keep my guard up because dem a say things affi gwan back," one resident said.

Another resident is contemplating relocation out of fear that a bloody feud may break out in the community.

"Sometimes all it tek is fi something like dis fi happen and all hell break loose," the resident said.

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