Woman spends birthday in lock-up

March 04, 2022

A Corporate Area woman who spent her 36th birthday in custody after she failed to bring sufficient funds for restitution told the senior parish judge that her time in lock-up was awful.

Raphaleta Haughton pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court and was ordered to compensate the complainant in the sum of $180,000. However, when she failed to bring the monies, Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague had her remanded in custody on Tuesday. When she appeared in court yesterday, the court heard that due to Haughton being remanded for two nights, one of which was her birthday, $20,000 was paid into the court for the complainant.

"How was your birthday spent in custody? How were the last two nights of your life? Bad or good?" the judge asked. "Not good because a did mi birthday," Haughton mumbled from the prisoner's dock.

"A birthday to remember. A birthday that you will know you don't come to court and play with the judge, because this judge is practical. And I am happy that it wasn't good because you are heading down a path that is not right. You need a drastic turn around and if the two days in custody don't help you, I don't know what else will," Cole-Montague stressed.

Haughton is before the courts following a report from the complainant that she used a brick to hit her in the face, which caused bleeding. It was also reported that Haughton bit the complainant on her breast. Haughton had her bail restored and is to return to court on March 24, when the remaining sum of $40,000 is to be paid.

Before Haughton left the courtroom, Cole-Montague warned Haughton to avoid communicating or contacting the complainant.

- T.T.

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