Wrong ‘bad word’

March 09, 2022

A pregnant woman yesterday told a judge that she did not utter the 'bad word' that cops accused her of using when they arrested her while she sold her wares in downtown Kingston.

The woman, Samara Phillips, was slapped with several charges including uttering indecent language, disorderly conduct, failure to wear a mask, which is a breach under the Disaster Risk Management Act, and to exposing goods for sale.

It was reported in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court that earlier this year, Phillips was seen along Heywood Street in downtown Kingston at her stall when police informed her of the offences.

She pleaded guilty to the charges but sought to set the record straight about which bad word she uttered.

It is alleged that she said, "Wah else me fi bloodc***t do? Eh? Unnu a bloodc***t crosses."

Senior Parish judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague quizzed Phillips, "Did you say any indecent words? What did you say?"

The woman replied: "Miss, me say bomb****t."

Phillips initially pleaded not guilty to the indecent language and disorderly conduct charges. Those matters were set to be mentioned on May 26, but the vendor then indicated that she was due to give birth that day. She told the court that she would change her plea so she could pay the fines. The judge obliged.

For the offence of exposing goods for sale, Phillips was ordered to pay $5,000 or face 10 days' imprisonment. For failing to wear a mask, Phillips was fined $15,000 or 30 days' imprisonment. She was also fined $2,000 or imprisonment of 10 days for indecent language and disorderly conduct.

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