Woman getting free DNA test to solve paternity puzzle

April 07, 2022

Following Tuesday's STAR story about a Kingston woman pleading for a paternity test to find out who is her daughter's father, DNA testing company Caribbean Genetics (CARIGEN) has stepped forward to grant her wish.

Chief DNA analyst at CARIGEN, Compton Beecher, told THE STAR that the company is happy to help in these matters, as every child deserves a chance to know their parents.

"We also always look at opportunities to see where we can give back to help families when we can, given situations where the client may not be able to afford testing and the future of the child is at stake. Stepping in to assist in situations like these has always been a part of our mandate from day one, and we always reach out when we can."

The confused mother, Jane*, who believes that one of three men is the father, cannot contain her excitement at being given the opportunity.

"It overwhelming for me to know that at least me a go know a who a mi daughter biological father and nuh do what di country people do in the past and just gi di baby to di man weh dem like," she said. Jane said that her first child's father, her best friend with whom she had a one-night stand, or her ex-boyfriend, could be the father. While hoping that her babyfather is the dad, Jane says she is hopeful that, regardless of the results, they can rekindle their relationship.

Jane said that, after the article came out, she confessed to her babyfather that the paternity is between three men and not two, as he had previously thought.

"Him say he is willing to do it. He say it to me this morning that he want us to get back together, knowing that him understand the circumstances, how it happen to me, and it would push it more if it turn out to be his," she said.

While not on talking terms with her ex-boyfriend, she says she is not worried about getting him to do the test, her real worry lies with finally telling her best friend that he could be her baby's father.

"The other person, him nuh have no knowledge 'bout it and me nuh have no contact number for him or anything. But I know where he works and him nuh have nuh clue. So it kinda sticky with him. It have me inna suspense," she said. "Mi nuh know honestly 'cause, like mi seh, is just a one-night mistake when you go out, yuh drunk and it just happen like that. I can't remember if we used protection or we didn't use protection. I just don't remember."

*name changed to protect identity

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