Siblings murdered hours apart

May 16, 2022
Neil Needham
Neil Needham
Serena Needham
Serena Needham

Friday's chilling double-murder of two siblings in Linstead, St Catherine, has left a family shell-shocked, and their matriarch, a pastor, drowning in a sea of emotions .

The siblings were killed hours apart by gunmen in the parish. According to the police, Serena Needham, a 33-year-old mother of two, was at her home in Venecia district, Linstead, St Catherine, when armed men kicked open her back door and shouted police. The cops stated that she was subsequently taken outside before being fired upon several times. That incident happened about 2 a.m.

The police also said that hours later, Neil Needham, 28, was sitting on King's Street in the parish about 11:30 p.m. when a motor car drove up on him. He was hit several times in the upper body after men alighted the vehicle. The cops also informed that another man was shot and injured during the incident, which is currently being investigated.

Yesterday, the 72-year-old pastor told THE STAR that she was heartbroken as she struggled to think of a reason why anyone would want to hurt her relatives.

"We just a put wi trust inna God, but for some reason it just nah add up. A nuh like dem live bad wid people. We don't know of dem being problem people, nobody nah complain bout dem. And dem never come to we wid anything to suggest say dem inna things," remarked Smith.

The clergy woman said that Friday's homicides have left a sunken feeling among family members, made worse by the brutality levelled at their deceased relatives.

Her words were echoed by Racquel, who said she is still haunted by the painful memories of losing her father and another brother more than a decade ago.

"Mi stress, depressed, confused and tormented," she said. "Right now mi have to keep strong for my niece and nephew because a me is all dem have left now," remarked Racquel.

She said that both Serena and Neil, past students of Dinthill Technical and Ewarton High schools, respectively, were well-liked and expressed disbelief by the news of their demise.

The sister recalled the moment they got a telephone call informing of Serena's death.

"We were wondering and pondering what happened, and when we went there we saw her there lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Neil come here a bawl fi him sister, enuh, and it look like a set dem set him fi come here and bawl because a likkle bit after him drive out dem kill him," Racquel said.

"He left after 11 p.m., and right after that we heard gun explosions. Likkle after midnight wi start get calls say dem 'kill Neil, dem kill Neil'. Wi never believe because him did just leave di house," she said.

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