Entertainer wants lighter sentence for woman killer

June 02, 2022

Controversial artiste and businessman Milton Wray said he believes that the sentence given to Andre Bromfield for killing his girlfriend over a kiss was too harsh.

Bromfield was sentenced to 18 years and five months by Justice Lorna Shelly Williams on Tuesday inside the Manchester Circuit Court for the December 2019 shooting death of Shantell White, 24. The sentencing has since sparked an outrage in the public domain.

Noting that the charge was reduced from murder to manslaughter, Wray, who uses the moniker One1Can, said that the length of sentence was inappropriate.

"I am a practical bredda, mi cyah look on things with emotions alone. You know what is the problem in our society? We don't hold women accountable for their actions. We focus totally on the man's reaction and don't pay no mind at all to the woman's actions that triggered the man's reaction," Wray told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"You is a woman, you know your man has a licensed gun on him, and you go kiss another man in front of him? And him come and a talk to yuh bout it, yuh really ago run weh di man? That is more than provocation man, that need a new word," Wray argued. He said that a two-year sentence would have been appropriate.

It is reported that on December 31, 2019, White, who was employed at the supermarket as an inventory clerk, along with Bromfield and others, were in the lunchroom when she was greeted by another male colleague who kissed her on the cheek. After White reportedly said that the kiss should have been on her lips, Bromfield, in a bout of rage, got up from his chair, pulled his licensed firearm from his waist, and shot the woman. He then ran from the room.

"Listen, when a man fall in love he is a lethal weapon. If she makes his heart bleed, figuratively, he will make her heart bleed, literally. It is a fact of life! These women must recognise that when yah mek certain decision is a life and death decision," Wray said.

Wray is not new to controversy. He found himself in the cross-hairs of Khadine 'Miss Kitty' Hylton after comments he made about an alleged date with her which she denied.

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