Dad allegedly punches son for leaving house

July 14, 2022

A Corporate Area man allegedly thumped his child in his neck and slapped him twice in the face after he warned him not to be seen outside their home.

The accused pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court. The child, who is eight years old, in his statement, said that he and his friends were sitting on an old fridge when his father walked up to him and said "Mi nuh warn you bout dem something yah," then proceeded to thump the child in his neck causing him to fall.

The child said that his father picked him from the ground and slapped him twice. He then grabbed him and said "Guh inna di yaad and if me see yuh back pon di road me a go lick yuh again."

Having heard the allegation, parish judge Maxine Dennis-McPherson made the accused the subject of a fingerprint order and requested that the medical report be submitted by the next court date. The matter was adjourned until November 14. - T.T.

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