Curfew in Gregory Park

August 03, 2022

A curfew was imposed on Gregory Park in Portmore, St Catherine at 6 o'clock last evening and will remain in place until the same time on August 4.

The security measure came hours after rival gangsters traded bullets.

Three houses were also firebombed in the community.

Head of the St Catherine South police Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips said that the curfew is aimed at restoring peace and safety.He said the police will also be going after illegal weapons and criminals.

The boundaries of the curfew include sections of Dyke Road and Municipal Boulevard and a section of the Portmore Villa community.

The area has been plagued with murders, shootings, robberies and arson.

While there will some inconvenience, the police are imploring residents to travel with identification and seek the permission of the ground commander for a smooth transition. 

-Rasbert Turner

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