Donna-Lee was destined for greatness - 876 Roommates executive producer saddened at influencer’s ordeal

August 03, 2022
Donna-Lee Donaldson
Donna-Lee Donaldson

Donna-Lee Donaldson was a confident and talented person destined for greatness, according to Kazrae Gray, CEO of Cashment Entertainment and executive producer of 876 Roommates, the reality series which helped to propel her into local stardom in 2021.

Donaldson was last seen on July 11 when she visited her boyfriend, Constable Noel Maitland, at his apartment complex at Chelsea Manor in New Kingston. Police charged Maitland with murder yesterday.

"She was considerate of her assignment and her role as a cast member. Jamaica has lost one of its promising young stars via questionable circumstances, too often we hear of similar cases," Gray told THE STAR shortly after the police announced the charges.

"Members of the cast including management and production were saddened by the whole ordeal. We met Donna-Lee via the show and grew to love her. So we understand what any family or friend would be feeling in this moment," he added.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, the country's crime chief, said sleuths believe Donaldson was murdered on July 12. Her disappearance, which was reported by her mother Sophia Lugg on July 13, has sparked widespread outcry.

"Initially I was very perturbed by her disappearance and outcry from family members. When we visited her home and spoke to her mother, brother and other relatives, we got an idea of how devastated they were and we extended our support, as we will continue to do in light of this recent development because Donna-Lee was very much well-loved," Gray said.

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson said the tragedy surrounding Donaldson reflected a decaying society which is suffering from an inability to resolve domestic issues peacefully. Gray said that although he spent only two weeks around Donaldson, it was enough for him to form the opinion that she was special.

"Jamaica is always in need of kind and compassionate individuals such as Donna-Lee, as she was that to many who knew her. On the set she was brilliant, she acted like a mentor and counsellor to anyone who was having challenges with their personal lives. I am still in disbelief about everything that has happened, she is definitely going to be missed. We have discussed several things as a team in regards to paying homage to her as well as persons who have had similar encounters," he said.

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