Desperate mom seeks husband’s support to save baby’s life

August 23, 2022

A desperate mother is imploring her husband to step up and get involved in the life of their premature daughter, who is in a US hospital battling for life.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, the woman said even though their marriage has realistically ended, she did not expect the father to turn his back on their innocent infant.

"Our daughter is unable to breathe on her own, but is putting up a fierce fight. It is stressful to know that he backed completely out of the infant's life, as if I got myself pregnant. I'm in so much disbelief that a man I got married to and invested so much in, would know the serious condition of our baby and show no remorse at all," she said.

"I chose to share my story because I think this man is very cold-hearted to his own child. I have all the pictures of the baby, showing her hooked up to these devices and unsure when she will be out of intensive care and be able to come home," she said.

The Jamaica-born woman, who is a singer, said she met the man in person in 2021 after being Facebook friends for years. They got married a few months later and although she funded the wedding, she thought that she had met the man of her dreams. However, things started going downhill after she was unable to bring him any gifts during her last visit in March.

"I visited Jamaica multiple times after the wedding and usually bring him lots of material stuff, not knowing that he was scamming me. In March, I told him I wouldn't be bringing anything for him because I was doing my album launch, and that's when our marriage ended. I was pregnant and he told me that I could not come to his house, after I paid $80,000 to have his water reconnected," she tearfully explained.

"He had the nerve to ask me for $37,000 in May to pay his bills, after all that he did to me, and because I didn't give him, he got mad and blocked me. He even tried to deny the baby and talking about if the child didn't have his nose, then it isn't his," she added.

The woman said she developed complications during pregnancy and delivered her baby at 36 weeks. She said that she has been in and out of the hospital daily to provide the constant support and love their baby needs. Her husband's involvement would make a vital difference to the welfare of the infant, but she said that he has opted to turn a blind eye.

"When we met, he gave the impression [that] he was genuine and because he was 56 years old, I thought he was mature and a good person. I really thought it would be a successful relationship. Our baby needs all the support she can get, but her father told me that he is a certified sperm donor," she said.

THE STAR made several attempts to contact the singer's husband, but calls to his cellular phone went unanswered.

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