Judge angered by delay in getting criminal records

November 03, 2022

Parish judge Venise Blackstock-Murray expressed great concern about the length of time it takes to produce criminal records requested by the court.

On Wednesday, she aired her grouse in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, where she presides, after it was shared that the antecedents requested for two accused, Nicholas Williams and Alex Green, were not available five weeks after they were requested.

"This makes no sense. I have had a matter, where from like May, a fingerprint order was made and in last month October, the criminal records not ready. So it seems to me it makes no difference in the date when the fingerprint order is made as it relates to the records-keeping office producing criminal records and that should not be so," the judge said.

Williams and Green, who are charged with malicious destruction of property, appeared in Corporate Area Criminal Court on Wednesday for a bail application.

However, their attorney Shadae Bailey could not advance her submissions as the men's criminal records that were previously requested by the judge were not provided.

Due to the inconvenience, the men were further remanded until November 27. It is anticipated that the criminal records will be available at that time. A bail application will also be heard.

It is alleged that Williams and Green were caught on closed circuit television cameras stealing copper wire cables, property of telecommunications provider, FLOW.

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