The fertility empress - Malia Seba fixing homes with bouncing babies

January 30, 2023
Empress Malia Seba
Empress Malia Seba

Empress Malia Seba is convinced that she has been given a special gift by "the life source" which enables her to create pregnancy-enabling herbal concoctions.

Seba, who is a member of the Nyabinghi Order, has long been involved in unlocking the healing properties of plans, but confessed that she almost never recognised that she possessed a 'baby-calling' gift. In fact, she envisioned her life taking a more traditional path, but it was the persistence of one woman who insisted that she would help her to get pregnant that led to her taking this path.

"I thought I would have been a politician or a lawyer or something ... but bwoy, the life source did not want that for me at all," The 30-year-old said chuckling.

"I started when this lady came to my restaurant one day and she said, 'Empress, I saw you in a vision giving me something to drink'," Seba recalled.

At the time, Seba said her herbal remedies were solely for her asthmatic son. However, she said conversion of events led her down fertility avenue.

She said the woman, who was trying for years to conceive a child, was persistent in her request for her to provide her with a herbal potion, which will assist her to bring forth a child. Seba said she started to get visions, which pointed to her having gifted hands. She began to meditate on the woman's desire, tapping into the life source for direction. It was then that she was given a baby-calling remedy.

"The day I gave this woman the medicine it changed everything for me. It was like a ripple effect. The next time I saw this woman, she had an envelope with a pregnancy test," Seba said.

Word of Sheba's healing hands quickly got around and women came from near and far. According to Seba, last year alone her remedies have led to more than 130 pregnancies.

"I fix homes in terms of adding a bouncing baby to that home. Sometimes babies are already in the home, but then the couples are struggling with attraction. They are not having enough sex because sex is no longer something that they want to have," Seba told THE STAR.

She said that women with fertility problems who contact her are interviewed and a herbal treatment protocol is developed.

"We talk and we discuss what the issues are and whatever treatment I think is feasible, that is what I will create," she said.

"I'm just confident that I have to just do my part. There's no way I'm going to be given this gift and not use it. I'm going to use it for as long as I can, until I just can't use it anymore," she said.

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