Side chicks buying Valentine’s Day love spells

February 14, 2023

St Thomas obeahman Ruben Williams says that since January, more than a dozen side chicks have contacted him for 'love spells' to cast on men they desire.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, he said that gone are the days when the 'other woman' will sit back and allow a man to be with his wife on Valentine's Day.

"Men will come as well, but the women are more than men because dem time here dem want a money or want attention. Mi get about 20 calls from January until now. About 15 of them shub out seriously and pay fi weh dem want. Di side chick dem ... make sure say di wife nuh prevent dem from get weh dem fi get. Di matey dem braver dan di wife deh, and dem come out brawling all di while," he said.

A 'Love Or Money Spell' can cost as much as US$1,000, but Williams said the females are all about purchasing the 'Agreeable to All Spell' that he says comes from the Money Magic Bible.

"Right through di year di woman dem want dat because woman love money. Just recently, a woman reach out to mi fi tie on a man ,and mi ask har if she sure because the man broke like bottle and a just couldn't di sex she want, but a fi dem ting dat," he said.

"Mi always tell dem say it harder and more expensive to untie a man or woman, enuh because when mi send out my spirit, dem obedient and get comfortable where dem deh. More time mi have to move mountains fi take off a man offa a woman, and when there is no love, a bare problem gwan. Sometimes dem all get beating," he added

Like some other men, Williams said he is not a fan of Valentine's Day but has no issue going the extra mile to make his partner happy.

"Is a modern-day ting and Mr Valentine himself not suh 100 either because we always hear say him a [homosexual]. However, if mumma want a gift ,mi will give har it because mi love mi woman," Williams said.

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