Woman raped by man she met on dating site

February 17, 2023

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clifford Chambers has appealed to females to be vigilant when agreeing to meet up with persons with whom they have connected on dating sites and social media platforms.

Chambers has responsibility for the police Area One, which covers western parishes. His caution follows the recent arrest of a man who allegedly abducted and raped a woman in St James after she agreed to meet him in a section of the parish.

"It is important that females take time out and know persons who they are dating and going out with before they choose to be at private location with these persons," Chambers told THE WE EKEND STAR.

The senior lawman said that knowing as much about the person one intends to go out with, as well as the meeting location are critical elements of personal security.

Police said the incident occurred in the Norwood community between last Sunday night and Monday morning. The victim is 25.

"I can confirm that there was a sexual assault case where a man was arrested. The lady had gone on a date with him and she was threatened at gunpoint and sexually assaulted," Chambers said.

The police said that the female recently met the 39-year-old accused on a dating site and they started to communicate. The accused reportedly invited her on a date and offered to assist her by giving her $100,000. It is further alleged that they met up in Montego Bay after which the accused drove the woman to his house.

The police said that the man forced the woman to perform oral sex on him and then took photos of her identification cards and threatened to kill her if she dared to report the matter to the police. He then released the female after several hours of having her locked inside his house.

The woman reported the matter to the police, and following an investigation, the man was arrested. Chambers commended the investigators and said that the police in Area One have cleared up to 79 per cent of all sexual-related crimes.

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