FLOW subcontractor accused of stealing cables

March 30, 2023

A FLOW subcontractor who is accused of stealing a million dollars' worth of copper wire cables from the telecommunications company was offered bail on Wednesday with strict conditions attached.

Kevin Brown and his co-accused Barry Wallace are charged on an indictment for trespassing on the telecommunications works of FLOW, simple larceny, and malicious destruction of property.

Pierre Rodgers, attorney for Brown, and C.J. Mitchell, defence counsel for Wallace, were successful in their bail applications to Senior Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell.

"He is, in fact, a subcontractor with Cable and Wireless," Rodgers submitted to the court, adding that his client was present at the scene, trying to mitigate the situation, and was not part of the scheme to steal the wires.

The Crown contends that on March 13, two men were seen removing wires from a culvert. The police were summoned and Brown and Wallace were arrested. The prosecutor indicated to the senior judge that they were not opposed to bail, but requested that a condition be imposed that the men should not be seen in the area where the offence was allegedly committed.

Judge Blake-Powell offered the men $100,000 bail with surety. They were ordered to surrender their travel documents and a stop order was imposed at all ports of entry and exit. Brown and Wallace are expected to report to the police twice weekly and, as a condition of their bail, are not to be seen at the location of the alleged offence.

The case file is incomplete and the matter is set for mention on May 9.

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