Police to question legislator accused of rape and assaulting ex-girlfriend

April 25, 2023
Clayton Fernander (File Photo)

NASSAU, Bahamas, Apr 25, CMC – Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander says a government legislator accused of raping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend, will be interviewed by police before the end of this week.

“Yes, we have an official complaint reported in Grand Bahama, and we are actively dealing with that matter and we will leave no stone unturned,” Fernander told a news conference as the unidentified victim retained a lawyer to represent her more than two weeks after she filed a complaint against the legislator.

“I heard a lot of talks in the media, but again, we don’t investigate in the media. We are doing our due diligence in terms of doing our follow-ups and seeing who we need to see to ensure that we dot the I’s and cross the T’s and before this week is out, that individual will be in for questioning,” he told reporters, insisting “no one is above the law”.

The top cop said that the police will not be pressured to rush their investigation.

National Security Minister Wayne Munroe has defended the fact that police have not yet questioned the MP, saying that in his 30 years of experience, the police conduct their investigations before questioning the accused.

“Godspeed to her, Godspeed to the police and their investigation and Godspeed to whoever the person is being accused,” he told reporters, adding “we have a system that is just that: if you proceed in accordance to the system, then that is where you get justice. You get justice by the process.”

Prime Minister Phillip Davis told reporters that he has spoken with the legislator since the complaint was made against him and that while he is waiting for the police to complete their investigations  he would not wish to make any comment.

Police said that the unidentified woman had filed a complaint in Grand Bahama on April 7 against her ex-boyfriend.

The woman told the Tribune newspaper that she had been raped, choked and poked in the eye by the legislator, who also made death threats against her and her family during their relationship, prompting her to fear for her life.

The main opposition Free National Movement (FNM) has called on the police to vigorously investigate the assault allegations.

“The first statement from the police was ‘we’ll see how this goes.’ That’s an unacceptable response,”  said former senator,  Heather Hunt.

Hart, who was part of a group of prominent women members of the FNM, told a news conference that “at this point, we are expecting the police to aggressively investigate, carry out due process and transparency.

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