Double murder rocks Portland community

May 24, 2023
Contributed Photos of Shadae Pink

The small community of Alfred Lane in Portland was rocked by the news of a double murder on Tuesday night. 

The police have confirmed that residents 28-year-old Shadae Pink, and Keino James, 23, were both shot and killed while playing dominoes with a group of neighbours from their community. 

The incident happened sometime after 11:00 p.m.

It is reported that the deceased were among a group of persons playing dominoes, when a grey fielder motor car drove up.

It is further reported that an armed man exited the rear and opened fire hitting two people. 

When the shooting subsided, Pink, who was in an advanced stage of pregnancy was seen lying face down in a pool of blood suffering from gunshot wounds, along with James.

The gunman reportedly fled the scene in the waiting motor car, and the two injured persons were rushed to the Port Antonio hospital where they were pronounced dead upon arrival.

The Portland police are investigating.

- Gareth Davis

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