‘Go back to Queenie’, Bubi advises Dewy

September 22, 2023
Bubi and his lady love Princess Diana.
Bubi and his lady love Princess Diana.

Rising TikTok sensation Bubi says he is encouraging fellow social media personality Dewy to return home to his marital home and work towards fixing his marriage with Queenie Ladi Gangsta.

Bubi, given name Jevaney Bernett, told THE WEEKEND STAR that his intention is not to meddle in other couple's private affairs, but said as a man he has to step in and offer advice.

"Mi rate Queenie, God know. As a big woman, fi see how she a deal with har ting, and mi see say she progressive and she love him, but yuh done know every man build different still. She clean and she like to have things and overall mi like dem type a woman deh. Mi nah too get inna fi dem ting but mi nuh like how him a deal with her," he said.

Like Dewy, Bubi is in a relationship with a woman who is several years his senior. Affectionately calling his partner 'Princess Diana', the couple shared their love story via their TikTok page. The content, which has raked up thousands of views, is quite the opposite of the other 'royal couple' whose page often highlights their marital issues.

"Mi nuh know how Dewy reason because mi never meet him, but big woman ting, mi wah tell him say Queenie love him and ... need him to come home. Mi a tell him to gwan home and fix him marriage. Just be the husband and go back home and reason out things, because him done put on ring already. She is not going to be comfortable unless he is there so gwan home back to yuh wife bredda," Bubi advised.

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