Man charged for spitting on babymother

October 13, 2023

Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque expressed great discontent with the number of domestic abuse cases being brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Her displeasure was aired on Thursday, after the prosecution related how a 25-year-old man choked, grabbed and spat in the face of his child's mother.

"I would not even reserve that for a dog. That is disgusting. We hear Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) talking that a parish, such as Portland, that was once quiet, had no reports of murder, now reporting incidents of domestic violence. We don't take these things seriously. Don't the things we hear these days sound like mafia business?" the senior judge expressed.

The defendant, Zinedine Powell, pleaded guilty to assaulting a female, malicious destruction of property and assault at common law. According to the prosecution, there was an argument between the complainant and Powell, about a post on social media. Powell, the court heard, choked the complainant and spat in her face, then threatened to kill her in the presence of her two children, one of whom she shares with Powell.

It was further revealed by the Crown that the complainant, who was not present in court, fears for her life as Powell told her to flee the community as he would hang her in front of her children and send her nude pictures to her other child's father.

"I think Christmas might catch you in custody," Cole-Montaque informed Powell.

The judge remanded Powell until December 5, citing a risk of interference with the complainant and threats that have been issued against her. Powell was made the subject of a fingerprint order. A social-enquiry report was also requested.

- T.T.

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